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Crown Research Corporation was incorporated in 1975 to assist sponsors, developers and operators of retirement communities nationally.  To date, we have served over 550 clients with projects in 47 states and provinces and the list is growing.  The principals at Crown Research collectively have over 100 years of experience in the senior services and facilities industry.  These key staff members have served as management/development consultants, financial advisors, and administrative and marketing specialists within this unique industry.  


The firm enjoys an authoritative reputation in the industry among leading sponsor groups, lenders, and regulators that serve retirement communi­ties.  


Crown Research Corporation's economic studies have been directly responsible for generating some of the most comprehensive fundings in the industry - valued at more than $2 billion.


Crown Research is regularly retained by clients to explore the feasibility potential of both existing and proposed retirement communities nationally.  It has developed a specialty in evaluating troubled projects, and those with assumed operational and marketing problems. Clients for such studies often include community operators and sponsors, proposed new sponsors, lenders, proposed new lenders, and governmental regulatory agencies.


While Crown Research Corporation serves a wide range of retirement communi­ties, including for-profit and not-for-profit health facilities, rentals, condomini­ums, cooperatives, etc., it has become particularly well recognized as an authority of Continuing Care Retirement Communities (generally referred to as CCRCs).  Since CCRCs constitute a regulated industry in most states, a significant portion of the work of Crown Research is geared to satisfying the regulatory require­ments of various states. Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington are representa­tive states that regulate CCRCs.


Crown Research Corporation's work in the regulatory field has generated a contract with California's Department of Social Services to review and evaluate applications for licenses to operate CCRCs in California. Additionally, principals of Crown Research are currently, or have been members of Oregon's CCRC Advisory Board, a local health facility finance authority, a municipal planning commission, and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.  This experience has equipped Crown to deal with a variety of situations and agencies on behalf of Crown Research clients.

Mark Miles -
Chief Executive Officer

Mark has been with Crown since 1988.  Click on Mark's name above to see full resume.

Ed Kalberg -
Vice President of Project Management

Ed has been with Crown since 1984 and as a CPA heads up all economic analysis.  Click on Ed's name above to see full resume.

Andre Wang -
Director of Compliance

Andre has been with Crown since 2005 and as an attorney directs all regulatory compliance issues.  Click on Andre's name above to see full resume.

Mel Miles -

Mel founded Crown in 1975 and continues to provide professional services on a contract basis.  Click on Mel's name above to see full resume.

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